Welcome to D2RG Groups.io and a update on the MMDVM_HS-AMBE

Bruce Given

and Welcome to the D2RG Groups.io 

Must apologize we are off to a bit of a slow start with the MMDVM_HS_AMBE board but things are 
moving along.  

Key D2RG members Yuan BG3MDO and Andy CA6JAU have the MMDVM_HS-AMBE's in hand 
and are starting work on getting them up and running with firmware and any hardware mod's that need to be done.

Hope fully soon we will be able to release a bit of an outline on how to interface to the DVSI AMBE3003 so those that have the interest 
can start getting their coding hands dirty by coming up with some Cool AMBE utilities.
We will keep you up to date as things move along and we get closer to full production 
D2RG Team

Steve, KB9MWR

Are you aware of the work by Doug AD8DP?